Monday, June 11, 2007

In the beginning

I've decided to start a blog. Not for everyone to see, but mainly for me. You know. In life everyone has to start somewhere, and for me, I feel like this is the beginning. I am going to stop worrying about what my natural eyes see, stop thinking about the lies I have been fed about the way my life should be, and start walking by faith. Faith in the knowledge that I am supposed to be here. That there is a reason I was created, and that I have a purpose. I am hoping that by recording my journey (however long that may be) I will be able to look back and know that it was well worth the trip. Heck! I may even be able to even help some one else along their road. Or maybe get a book deal. Who knows?! Life is full of possibilities, and nothing is too great for Him. So basically I created this blog so that I can have a spot to keep it real, ask those questions I am sometimes too embarrassed to ask, be excited about me and to speak my piece or what ever that may be. I guess you could consider this to be my online journal. My coming out ,or materialization of what's really been there all along. You could call it, The Manifestation of a Life.

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