Thursday, June 14, 2007

Into the Clear Blue

It's like standing on a moss covered rock in the ocean about 100 yards from the shore. You can see the shore from here, and you are desperate to get there. You are frustrated though because you don't want to have to swim to shore, in fact, you hate swimming and you don't even know how you got on this stupid rock anyway. After being mad at yourself for getting here, you decide there is only one thing left to do. Jump in and swim. So you jump. Right now we are swimming. It feels like I am not moving at all. Just barely treading water. Granted the water is clear blue and pretty(like in the Caribbean), but it is still over taking you just the same. Your arms are tired and you just want to give up. With each small wave you swallow a little bit of water. This sucks! And you know it. But there is a drive in your heart and spirit to keep going. You can see the shore, you know it's attainable. It's just a matter of how long and when you are going to reach it.

To be continued...

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